Arulanantham Miluksha's Story

Arulanantham Miluksha (20) lives in Kinniyady, Valaichenai. Her father does odd jobs for a living while her mother is a seamstress. Miluksha has a younger brother studying in Grade 9. Miluksha successfully passed her G.C.E.(O/L) Examinations and selected the Arts stream for her A/L studies. Her parents were concerned about supporting her in her studies with extra expenses. Her mother who has obtained a micro finance loan from Berendina, came to know of the Bright Student Scholarship program supported by Berendina for G. C. E. (A/L) students facing financial difficulties. Miluksha was selected for the BSS and received LKR 1000 per month to be used for her educational activities until sit the advance level. She sat the G. C. E. (A/L) Examinations in 2018 and obtained 3 A’s in all subjects and was in 2nd rank in the Arts Stream in Batticaloa District. Miluksha states that she is grateful to Berendina for its approach in supporting students hailing from poverty-stricken families. Though University students have scholarship schemes such as Mahapola to assist them financially, A/L students receive very limited financial assistance to continue their studies. Miluksha wants to be a lawyer in the future, she has continued her education whilst waiting for University entrance by following courses in Information Communication Technology at the Government Technical College as well as following a Certificatelevel Career Skills Development course at the Vocational Training Centre. Miluksha says, “Consistency means fully dedicating yourself to your goal without any distraction. It requires a strong commitment on your part which is the key to success. The guidance rendered by Berendina helped me to achieve success in A/L Examinations and I would like thank the organization and the entire staff for having supported me throughout the past two years.”