Chanuka Prabhath Jayakody's Story

M. P. Chanuka Prabhath Jayakody (20), lives in Maha Halmillawewa, Maningamuwa, in Anuradhapura District. His father underwent a kidney transplant surgery 6 years ago, and is unable to participate in any income earning activities. Chanaka is the eldest in the family and has a sister who is still schooling. Chanukaís mother is a Samurdhi beneficiary. She also works in a canteen at Ehetuwewa School. Her monthly income is around Rs. 10,000 per month. She is the main breadwinner of the family. When time permits, Chanuka helps his mother in the canteen, and also supports her in a small scale cultivation. Amidst the difficulties Chanuka faced, he still managed to sit for G.C.E. O/L examination in 2013 and successfully qualified to pursue G.C.E. A/Lís in Arts stream. But he was not successful for University Entrance. In the meantime Chanuka heard about BEC through a friend who has also followed a Professional Training Course and wanted to receive a similar qualification, so that he does not have to be a burden to his mother. Since Chanuka expressed a genuine interest to develop his life and support his mother, he successfully received financial assistance from BEC to follow a Soft-Skills Training program from Anuradhapura E-soft Regional Campus in 2017, after completing his A/Lís. After completing the course, with the assistance of BEC, Chanuka managed to find employment as an Accounts Officer at D.P. Nanayakkara Filling Station (Keerthi Filling Station) on a contract basis. He is now earning around Rs. 22,000 per month. He is also able to support his mother and sisterís education. Chanuka is very thankful for the support he received from BEC. The career guidance he received has enabled him to find a suitable job. Chanuka aspires to become a successful businessman in the future.