Pannirselvam Nathiya's Story

This is to express another successful achievement of Berendina Employment Centre, where we fed the knowledge of personal and professional Ethics with English Knowledge under our Life Skill Development Programme. Pannirselvam Nathiya,Currently following Human Resource Management course at Skill Development and Training international Institute. She is from Mahagasthotta Upper division, Which is a poor plantation area. There are five members in her family, Mother, Father, Younger sister, younger brother, and beneficiary. Nathiya’s father is a vegetable farm labour, and mother is not going for a work. Her father’s income is the only income source for the family. He lonely managed to run this family From his little income. Beneficiary’s younger sister and younger brother also in the family yonger sister is studying and younger brother is directed to a paper bag production company in Kandy. All this situation made the applicant to think negatively and make useless decisions. but fortunately this girl got to know about Berendina Employment Centre through a previously employed by BEC, and She tried to used the opportunity to follow life skill Development programme, and HRM Diploma. While us meeting this applicant we noticed that she was not in a position to take a standard decision about her life, also she didn’t know a way to enhance her skills and ability to develop her career. Through the discussion with the students we identified that initially the applicant need a proper decision making training before direct to a work. As usual initial individual career guidance was given by District Manager –N.Eliya, and then the applicant was motivated to take own decision to follow the Life Skill Development programme. As we expected finally she was in a standard mind set to follow the course, in Tea Leaf Vision . Then Berendina Employment Centre paid total course fee 14000.00 for Tea Leaf Vision School. At the end of Life Skill Development Programme we could realized that she has improved a lot in her skills side, and she has maintained an average of 80 marks. After the Life skill development programme discussing with the applicant we could see a huge different than before. This time she has a clear vision about the life and an ambition which she wants to become a Human Resource Manager, in a well reputed organization. once we realize her ambition we provided all information about available professional courses and VT training courses. Then she registered in Skill Development and Training international Institute, then we are giving full payment for her Human Resource Management Course. We will definitely recruit this student for a well reputed company after completion of HRM Diploma. Although Ms. Nathiya introduced to Berendina as a person who filled with complicated mindset where she unable to take a decision about her future, at this moment she is a professional self motivated person and she is moving forward to her successful future life. As Berendina Employment Centre, Nuwara Eliya We are really happy to write about P.Nathiya, in our success story, and we wish her to achieve her future dreams.