Mahenthiran Matharaj's Story

Matharaj (21) from Chenkalady is an energetic young man with a zest for life despite his family’s situation. His father Mahenthiran is a small-time businessman, and his mother Yoheswary, a homemaker. He has a younger brother and sister, both of whom are schooling, in Grades 10 and 2 respectively. The family receives the government’s Samurdhi assistance, but, without a permanent income it was a challenge for them to fulfill their basic needs. On completing his Advanced Level examinations with 3 C passes from the Chenkalady Central College in 2018, he was at crossroads as to what his next steps in life should be. He was eager to support his family, and decided to become employed. Then he stumbled upon the opportunity to participate in a Career Guidance program by Berendina in his hometown. With the focused guidance in relevant career options, Matharaj selected a Computerized Accounting Course for which he received a scholarship of Rs.20,000/= from Berendina, enabling him to complete the 3-month course at the well-reputed IDM (Institute to Data Management). “Before enrolling for the course, I wasn’t even sure if I had a future or not, but now I can proudly say that I have a job which is a career path for progress, but also gives me the confidence of a decent livelihood”, affirms Matharaj. He goes on to say that the course certificate is very valuable and valid, and is accepted by all accounting entities. He is also motivating others to follow this course. Matharaj is currently employed as Sales Officer cum Cashier at ChaThak Clothing Store which brings him a monthly earning of Rs.20,000/=. He is very happy that he is able to contribute towards the financial needs of his family. He lauds the efforts of the Berendina Employment Center because of which, he is in a good position in his career. He says that BEC lit up his future, and expresses his appreciation for guiding him positively and for the assistance. He firmly believes that Berendina seeks to improve the quality of life for others in his village as it did for him. “Berendina is behind my success in working towards achieving my life goals, and the reason my willingness to serve my family”, he smiles.