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Vocational Training

Vocational training is a planned and systematic training programme towards one’s any employment or specific employment. It provides entirely a direct contribution to gain advantages within the job market and to increase the productivity of a country. Conducting appropriate vocational training programmes provide a capability to gain effective employment opportunities according to the demand of the job market for young those who expect employments and according to their preferences as well as according to the trends.

Awarding Vocational Training Scholarships for Selected Young

Berendina Employment Centre has initiated a programme which is awarding scholarships to young to follow necessary vocational training courses as a giving hand to those young in poor families in Sri Lanka. Berendina Employment Centre work with various national level vocational training institutes (VTA/ NAITA) and vocational training institutes in private sector. Young in poor families those who are in the various areas of Berendina Employment Centre is active have opportunities for this and these young is selected by job fairs and the support from different institutes such as the divisional secretariat offices in the relevant area, branches of probation departments and non-government organizations.

The selections for the vocational training is done based on the following criteria.
  • Young in the families belong to ‘samurdhi’ (Funds which are given by the government).
  • Young in the families of estate labourers
  • Young in the orphanages
  • Young with special requirements

Associations Established With the Private Sector in Order to Improve the Capacity of the Selected Young

Berendina Employment Centre now has commenced associations with the private sector institutes in order to offer the necessary technological as well as personality development skills to selected young from remote and rural villages. At present, most of the private institutes are implementing the above mentioned programmes with the Berendina Employment Centre together for the associations. It is an initiation for their activities related to institute’s corporate social responsibility.

Through this association:
  • Berendina Employement Centre identifies suitable young for this from low income families in the districts where Berendina Employement Centre is active.
  • Associated institutes sponsor the required technological and mechanical training for young targeting their current and future job vacancies.
  • Young who are completed the training successfully will be selected for the suitable employment opportunities in the associated institutes.
  • Berendina Employement Centre provides a monthly living allowance for the young during the training period in order to cover their expenses.
Berendina Employement Centre has started such an association with various large scale private institutes within the year 2014. CINEC, JETWING, Harpo’s and SANKEN take a vital place among them. Theses institutes along with the Berendina Employement Centre provide a special vocational training directing jobs for young in poor families.